Nanotechnology Research Center

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USB In line with scientific activities and in order to achieve the strategic policies of the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran in Nano Technology, and also to suit the country's industrial development with a focus on academic experts, has established the Nanotechnology research center.
The Center's main objectives are as follow:
•    research in order to improve scientific progress and industrial development in nanotechnology
•    Identification and implementation of national and regional applied projects, and establishing close ties with industrial centers for industrial self-sufficiency of the country
•    Providing specialized services for the research needs of industry, universities and other research centers by providing laboratory services
•    Connector of Strategic Labs Network, Connector of country’s national network of Nano Labs
•    Installation of multiple devices to perform related researches, including: Highly accurate impedance analyzers,  Precise testing machine of device’s voltage at Nano and Micro scale, and Nano Sizer
•    Research and educational support for Higher education courses in universities


Holding National Nanotechnology Competition


  • Evaluation of how to build electronic prison based on Islamic laws using modern sciences
  • Technical development of extracting electrical energy from sea waves using piezoelectric Nano
  • Retrofitting the first stage blade in a gas turbine using nanotechnology


National and international conferences held by the Center

Journal: Transport Phenomena in Nano and Micro Scales
Book: Handling the heat transfer in Nanofluids, Dr. Amin Behzadmehr, 2013

Basic concepts of nanotechnology and nanostructures
Nanostructures synthesis methods
Methods and equipment of identifying nanostructures
Applications and Commercialization of Nanotechnology
Application of Nanotechnology in Medical Sciences
Application of Nanotechnology in agriculture